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The sticker below is currently available in the PRSC ONLINE SHOP.

We also offer a selection of Fine English Bone China

mugs by Stokes Croft China from just a fiver.

We also offer a design service for other campaigns. See below mugs made in Stokes Croft for the Mill Road Cambridge campaign.

These are available on a wholesale basis, and can help to raise the profile of your campaign, and raise funds at the same time: A real win/win situation.

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  1. Ralph permalink
    April 23, 2011 10:36 am

    OK, lets boycott tesco. Where do I get stuff instead? There is no ASDA nearby. Lidl has a very bad reputation in Germany for spying on their employees. Do don’t buy at Lidl either. The founders of ALDI are the richest men in Germany, so they are overpriced, where else can their profit come from?
    “Local” markets are not in the hands of locals but of immigrants.
    For everything else I need either a car (all English car industry belongs to foreigners or is bancrupt) or a bus ticket.
    Ahh, you mean my garden. Do you know a friendly, way to scare the cat away that uses the garden as a loo?

    • May 3, 2011 6:35 am

      Come to us for all your locally sourced food. We have a Fishmonger (remember them), Butcher (rememeber them), cheese counter and a good supply of organic veg from North Somerset. We also have a selection of provisions for the store cupboard so please come on down and support us, we are in St Nicks market along with loads of other small, artisan producers.

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