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Further Reading

Essential Reading:

Shopped: The shocking Power of British supermarkets by Joanna Blythman

Further Reading: a selection of relevant tomes

Vital General Reading

Carolyn Steel: Hungry City… How Food Shapes our Lives

Further Reading from the Excellent Tescopoly Website

Artwork from the PRSC Selling Gallery

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  1. Ralph permalink
    April 23, 2011 1:23 pm

    Need to read food labels on the shelves carefully.

    More often not, the cheap food is out and instead similar, but unlabelled food is placed over the label of the cheap food. If you buy the whole cart fuul, you won’t feel the difference on the cashier immediately. But if you pay £5 more every time you go shopping, your wallet drains and you don’t know why.

    Plain white tesco rice for £0.49 per kg is out, instead Basmati Rice from tesco is placed in the same location. If you grab a tesco employee and ask him, he will go to the cashier and come back telling you this price: £1.40

    If you don’t you pay.

  2. Harry man permalink
    April 24, 2011 11:00 pm

    Instead of the potentially violent protests that have occured in tesco Bristol. Could I suggest that we canvas people to go into any tesco , fill their baskets and or trolley with all kinds of everything and then simply abandon your full trolley or basket and go home. None of us want to cause trouble for the police we just want to make a point to tesco. If enough people do this all over the country you can imagine what could happen

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