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Download Stencils

“Think Local, Boycott Tesco. ”

If you want to put this message up in your town or City, just download the stencil below, and print it out on your pc.

How to create a stencil from this image.

1) Right-Click on the image you wish to download.

2) Save the image to your pc.

3) Using almost any image viewer programme, print this image which is in A4 size. If you wish to print it at A4 size, then expand to fit the paper (Scale to Fit Media). If you want a bigger stencil, then most printers have a “Poster Printing” option, which will allow you to print a large poster. If you use 160gm card, you will be able to produce a stencil that will be easy to cut, and strong enough to use a few times. Alternatively print on ordinary printer paper and glue to a sheet of card… You will need a Stanley knife or scalpel, and plenty of sharp blades.

4) Buy a can of spray paint. Put the stencil to your chosen wall. Use masking tape or gaffer tape to stick the stencil in position, and then dust lightly with paint from maybe 4-6inches. trying to avoid overspray. If you have not used a spray can before, it is probably wise to practice on a board or a wall where runs and drips will not matter.  Emulsion and a stencil brush is another way of producing a good stencil image, albeit slower.

5) Please be aware that it is illegal to spray on a wall where you do not have permission. However, with permission, it is perfectly legal to paint messages on walls. If your building is grade II listed, you will require listed building consent to put a sign on your own property…

Below: a stencil made from plastic sheet. We stenciled our message on the pavements using a tooth brush and patio cleaner. Cleaning the street is not illegal.

If you wish to design a stencil for use by all, please e-mail your design, and we will load it onto this site.

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