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Since the Riots that took place in late April 2011, The No Tesco in Stokes Croft Campaign has come to the fore nationally. When full planning permission was granted by Bristol City Council despite massive and ferocious local opposition, the No Tesco campaign  resolved to continue the action by expanding our focus. Hence the peaceful Boycott Tesco campaign, and much work is being done by many local groups to create viable alternatives to the hegemony of supermarkets.

If Tesco will not listen to the legitimate voice of local community, our duty is to resist, and to persuade people not to use the supermarket. The No Tesco / Boycott Tesco campaign is not funded, and runs solely on and  because of the goodwill of volunteers. In order to fund what we do, we need filthy lucre. so , if you are feeling a little bit flush, please

We currently use Paypal, but will be looking at other ways of allowing you to donate.

Alternatively, you may pay into the Bristol Credit Union account below…

This account has been set up to allow you to contribute to the running costs of the No Tesco/Boycott Tesco campaign, and to explore alternative possibilities of food delivery.


Quote reference: NOTESCO

Sort code: 0 8 9 2 9 9

Account number: 6 5 3 3 0 8 1 2

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