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  1. February 10, 2011 12:11 pm

    hello there

    I was really glad to find your blog. I am trying to get a campaign going here in South London to prevent the opening of two more tesco stores. Like everywhere else Tescos seems to be taking over. There are already 3 Tesco metros and one large Tesco within 10 minutes walk of where I live as well as a large Tesco in Brixton.

    However, I am an amateur campaigner and just trying to do my best with what I know and trying to reach a community of people who feel the same.

    Many of our locals and shopkeepers as well as the Farmers Market traders and local school are against the decision to open these Tescos but do not feel that their views are being heard by the council. In any case there was no public consultation.

    People feel that our local shops serve the community well. Mr Patel in the local Londis has gathered around 800 signatures on a petition to stop the development. In addition, I also have over 100 signatures on a new online petition but we’d like more!

    I wonder if you can forward this petition to others in your community?

    I know this is a local campaign but they all are. Added up its a national campaign!

    I’ll post your link on my Facebook page as well.

    all the best


  2. Anon Ymous permalink
    April 18, 2011 7:10 pm


  3. anon ymous permalink
    April 29, 2011 7:57 am

    Just wanted to say we understand your plight! We live hundreds of miles away from you in the Perthshire Highlands and Tesco do the same here, and all over Scotland. In our town in Blairgowrie, Tesco basically evicted the council from their own building, knocked it down, and built a large store. In another town, Arbroath, Tesco paid off Angus Council to let them continue to build a store. Asda had already bought land but was subsequently shunned for a Tesco which no one wanted. Even petitions to Angus Council couldnt beat Tescos bribe and a few new flashy sports cars turned up in the City Council car park. Inverness, I think, is Tesco Town up here, although I think Dundee has around 6/7 stores, including 3 Tesco “Extras”.

    Their world domination continues…….. Keep up your good work!

  4. Kelvin permalink
    April 30, 2011 11:02 pm

    Hi, Just came across your website and i see you have something against tesco yet you use GOOGLEMAIL, HOTMAIL, PAYPAL and YOUTUBE on your website alone, I’m sure you also use alot of other things produced by large businesses at home but you decide to have a go at tesco.
    Tesco provides alot of good jobs and good quality food at low prices while maintaining a good profit for both local farmers and other producers.
    If people didnt want tesco, tesco wouldn’t build one because they would lose money, if people didnt want a tesco it wouldnt exist because no one would buy from them.
    I have nothing to do with tesco by the way, I just think people like you are a bit dumb and hypocritical to say we shouldnt use corporations and then use them yourself and to say people dont want a tesco, YOU dont want tesco, everyone else does.
    Cheers Kelv.

    • anon ymous permalink
      May 3, 2011 5:21 pm

      “Tesco provides alot of good jobs and good quality food at low prices while maintaining a good profit for both local farmers and other producers.”

      This made me laugh! Go and ask the farmers if they are happy. Happy with price-fixing, excessive importing from counties abroad, blocking competition, e.t.c.

      “If people didnt want tesco, tesco wouldn’t build one….” Tell that to the smashed windows on most new tescos!

      And “Anon Ymous” – why should we “LEAVE TESCO ALONE!!” ? Shouldn’t any large organisation face scrutiny for their actions? Maybe we should just “LEAVE The banks ALONE!!” too?


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