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The No Tesco in Stokes Croft  Campaign has been a David v. Goliath affair…

Since the Riots of April 2011, the focus of the World is on Stokes Croft.

Many people have marched and protested, others have waded through planning law, yet others have donated cash or have painted murals. People have engaged with the political process, been to meetings with councillors and politicians: It has become clear that the political system is failing us, and that big business holds sway…

The stakes are high, and the battle is long…

There is a core crew of people who are involved in the No Tesco campaign. The issues that confront us are wider than simply the possible arrival of an unwanted food retailer. Some would argue that this battle is , in microcosm, the battle for our future as a healthy society.

We will need people to help; Fund raising, publicity, stunts, developing alternatives…

If you feel you could contribute, please contact the Boycott Tesco Group

Artwork from the PRSC Selling Gallery.

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  1. phil permalink
    April 25, 2011 8:48 am

    If , as you say Tesco is an ” unwanted food retailer” then your problem will be solved very quickly. “Big business”, in the form of Tesco in this case, is not interested in charity, they are there to make money, so if they don’t make money, because they are an ” unwanted food retailer”, they will close. If, on the other hand they do make money, that would seem to disprove your assertation that they are an “unwanted food retailer” and show that there is a need for them or someone else to cater to the needs of the population.
    Only time will tell.

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