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Boycott Tesco Website Launches…

December 20, 2010

After the shameful lack of courage shown by our planners and City Councillors, it appears that Tesco have gained official permission to open a branch in Cheltenham Road, on the Stokes Croft/ Montpelier border. They still do not have permission for a liquor licence, and there is a possibility of a challenge by Judicial Review.

However, if Tesco does open in Stokes Croft, the battle is not over. Stokes Croft is our Cultural Quarter: an area defined by its local culture, and by the confluence of people with radical ideas. If Tesco decide to open, with an overwhelming  local opposition, then we must ensure that Tesco, and the devious methods employed by Tesco, do not prosper.  In order to do this it seems appropriate to launch a measured response. The issues that confront Stokes Croft apply globally. Therefore, the No Tesco campaign must become the “Boycott Tesco” campaign, publicising the unsustainable  methods and business practices, encouraging locals everywhere to back their local food suppliers. At the same time we must work to offer alternative models for food sourcing, for ourselves, and for everybody.

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  1. February 18, 2011 12:44 am


    I live in rural Lincolnshire. Although I remember Stokes Croft from visiting Bristol in the 1980’s. I’m with you 100%, from every angle Tesco’s is awful. I wrote to them after reading the article about the woman who was arrested and handcuffed, for the crime of taking a waffle from one of their rubbish bins, here’s there reply.

    Firstly, I’d like to apologise for the delay in getting back to you. Please let me assure you that we always try to respond to our customers’ queries in a timely manner and I’m sorry that due to high volumes of contact, this has not happened on this occasion.

    I fully appreciate your comments regarding an incident at our Great Baddow Express store. I can advise we are currently assisting the police with their inquiries.

    Following a power cut in our Baddow Express store the chilled cabinets were unable to maintain the required temperature of below 4 °C. As the chillers had not maintained their temperature the food was deemed unfit for consumption and as a result, such items must be correctly disposed of. This is because such items may potentially be unsafe to eat, for humans or animals. I hope you can appreciate our position.

    This is a rare occurrence but when it does happen we have strict procedures which we have to follow.

    We seek to minimise waste in all our stores and where possible will seek to reuse and recycle it. Our Store Manager arranged for the goods to be collected by our waste management services. Whilst awaiting collection the spoilt goods were securely stored in delivery cages.

    Furthermore, with regard to product waste, at Tesco, we divert 100% of the waste produced in all of our UK stores, distribution centres and offices away from landfill. We have achieved this by reducing, reusing and recycling our waste, and by investing in new technologies to convert waste into materials including fuel and fertiliser.

    Each Tesco store has waste targets that are reviewed and reported against every week. Achieving a balance between product availability and waste is a key part of a store management team’s daily routine. We seek to minimise waste in all our stores and where possible will seek to reuse and recycle it.

    You may also be interested to know that we are involved in a number of pilot projects across the country where some of stores and distribution centres contribute to ‘Fareshare’. This is a charity which redistributes surplus food throughout its community food network working with disadvantaged people

    Once again, I am very sorry and thank you for bringing your views to our attention.

    If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me at quoting TES9198170X.

    Kind Regards

    So I’ve written them another mail in reply:
    Thank you for your courteous response.

    However it is a fact that your stores do throw away massive amounts of food each day, across the country. Food that could feed thousands of people who exist on or below the poverty line. It is also a fact that your stores carry out a policy of deliberately destroying this food when it is thrown out. I have been told many stories of people looking though your waste containers and discovering much of the food has had ink poured over it, or the containers have been spiked to stop people from eating it.

    Can you comment on this deliberate act of vandalism please, is it company policy?

    Tesco is a profit motivated company, working in a free market economy. It seems that maximising profits is your overriding concern.

    The only hope is that organisations such as the Peoples Supermarket can provide a much needed alternative source of decent foods, where producers are given decent rates for their products and where food that is none salable is not callously destroyed out of greed.

    I’ve also written a blog about Supermarkets in general:

    Best wishes. I love what you are doing by the way,


  2. steve permalink
    April 23, 2011 3:53 pm

    I say get a fucking life. Its tescos. get over it. Hopefully all the local shops do go out of business there not even british shops anyway they put there prices up when there having a bad day and are rude all the time fuck em.. I forgot that its bad to shop at tesco but perfectly exceptable to throw petrol bombs at a police officer the protestors that got injured by the police. If they where in any other country they would be killed so they think themselves lucky really..

  3. IAN HECTOR permalink
    May 1, 2011 6:56 am

    There is a good reason Tesco and its ilk as has been stated before do not use the waste food etc. I work for Tesco (and thank them for paying me each week to feed my family and pay my local council over the top rates bill, petrol etc etc)I aldo lived in a small village that has a Tesco Express working side by side with a local florist, bakers and off licence of special wines etc. But back to the main point, they did donate at one time wasteage and on an occasion a person became ‘ill’ and sued them…as we were told basically if thats how its going to be after a charitable act then no more donations..apart from the biggest donation to date of their yearly campaigns..£7.3bn to Clic Sergeant for children with your right they do nothing…and on a closing note I guess it would have been fine if those idiots who attempted to destroy their own area and I would suggest looking at the pictures it looked better before they vandalised the area, if they had hurt,maimed killed even one of their own working at the shop. Yes a lot of thought went into the acts of violence. Your area looks so much better now YOU have destroyed it with mindless violence and destruction. While the likes of Aldi, Lidl,Asda, Tesco etc keep costs down so I can eat then I shall shop there and treat myself on occassions from the specialist shops when I can.

  4. James permalink
    May 19, 2011 4:08 pm

    It has to be questioned how well informed people are about what companies do. They donate high amounts of money to charities etc etc however look to re build areas not destroy them. If you didn’t want the Tesco then simply don’t shop there. Our country/goverment doesn’t currently have a lot of money to re build some areas which Tesco do to be honest. Which you can see here.–return-new-giant-superstore.html
    There also have done more.

    With reference to the food surplus issue (food they put in the bins) there are some legal requirements about what they are a loud to give away. Tesco have joined charity groups that they give the food to for free to feed the homeless etc etc HOWEVER the goverment have put rules on it… not Tesco. (Morrison’s refuse to give any food away. So looks like your moaning about the wrong company)

  5. Ian permalink
    June 14, 2011 5:14 pm

    I can not belie what you have done in your area,have you no faith in your local stores,when interviewed some went on how expensive Tesco is in comparison to your local shops,if that the case what the problem.
    There is a place for all types of retailers and different needs for different people. all you have done is show there should be different rules for your village , we live in a free country and you should be proud of it. what next what will you not want next and if the planners gave permission they will have looked into all the effects of the community.I would imagine the store would actually bring more people into the area and i think that your actions so far and not having Tesco there you have shot yourselves in the foot.
    I feel sad you don’t have faith in your selves,and rather than riot ,if you have real support the locals wont buy there,,,,shame you have brought your area and locals into such disrepute,, well i hope you see sense in the future or your town will probably suffer more by your own ignorance ……..

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